zaterdag 18th november 2023

Serverius DC1: Black building test + 2N power upgrade maintenance, gepland 4 maanden geleden

Onderstaand bericht ontvingen wij van Serverius:

You are receiving this message as an advance notice of a black building test

Location =Datacenter 1, Dronten, NL (SDC1) Service Type = Grid / Generators test and maintenance

Start: 06.12.2023 7:00 CET (Amsterdam time) End: 06.12.2023 9:00 CET Expected duration: 2 hours

Reason: Black building test combined with works for the 2N power upgrade.

Please note that, during this test the normal grid power will not be available for a period of approximately 20 seconds and the UPS-feeds will take over. Therefore no colocation power will be affected, your equipment and services will not be affected.

During this black building test we will also perform maintenance. The new power divider will be connected to the main power grid. Performing this work on the same time as the yearly black building test will save us another similar maintenance window later on this year.

All activities will be conducted under the direct supervision of Serverius and its external suppliers Elinex Power Solutions and E-tec Power Management. Approximately 30 minutes before the test commences, another reminder that the test is due to start will be sent. After the test and maintenance is finished the noc website will be updated that all work is performed.

Because a lot of engineers will be available during this black building test, we would like to ask you NOT to visit the datacenter during this maintenance window. Of course you are allowed to access your hardware but please visit the datacenter ONLY when you really need to. FYI: during this maintenance window the engineers will not communicate to users but updates will be communicated at