donderdag 19th oktober 2023

Serverius DC1: Planned yearly maintenance ups systems A- and B-feed SDC1 Dronten, gepland 5 maanden geleden

Onderstaand bericht ontvingen wij van Serverius aangaande jaarlijks onderhoud van de UPS systemen in Dronten.

-- You are receiving this message as an advance notice for a planned maintenance on the A- & B-Feed UPS system.

Location = SDC1, Dronten, NL Service Type = UPS, systems A- and B-feed

Start: 08-11-2023 08:30 CET (Amsterdam time(winter) End: 10-11-2023 16:00 CET

Duration: up to 8 hours per day Reason: planned yearly maintenance Impact: none, systems will stay in N-modus during maintenance Expected Outage: none