woensdag 21st december 2022

Serverius: Dark fiber maintenance of our supplier “Eurofiber” KA-222003, gepland 1 jaar geleden

Our dark fiber supplier ”Eurofiber” will do a Service-Affecting maintenance KA-222003.

Location: Serverius DC1, Dronten – GlobalSwitch, Amsterdam Service Type: Dark fiber, DWDM channels

Start: 2023-01-25 00:00:00 CET End: 2023-01-25 06:00:00 CET Duration: 6 hours.

Reason: Final recovery is required to complete repairs on a section of the Eurofiber network that was temporarily repaired in the past to restore traffic during an outage.

This activity will impact the following dark fiber circuits: Serverius DC1, Dronten, NL <-> GlobalSwitch, Amsterdam, NL

Expected Outage: is expected downtime of DWDM channels from Serverius DC1, Dronten to GlobalSwitch, Amsterdam only. No expected outage for IP transit service, other dark fibers will automatically take over the data traffic, but there is a small chance for high latency and short time packet loss in the time of rebuilding routing tables.